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Why Great Work is Never a Solo Act

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“Our team really compliments each other and it’s super awesome.” -Parker Foote

Joining forces are better than opposing forces: rock and roll, yin and yang, Photoshop and InDesign. As an agency, our best work comes from collaboration. The sweet spot where everyone brings their own flavor, sound, and voice to create new, crazy and innovative ideas. We’ve intentionally built an environment where people are willing and able to combine their talents for collaborative problem solving. No matter how iterative, complex (and sometimes messy) the work can be.

We believe in the power of our structured creative process – including careful discovery, boundary pushing exploration, and the refinement of design to draw out the unique. Throughout this process, we’ve learned to embrace three types of creativity to harness the collective genius of our agency.

Creative Abrasion

The two ingredients for creative abrasion are intellectual diversity and intellectual conflict.
Building our teams with different approaches to design curates both honest discourse and rigorous debate; however, this think tank approach encourages us to push creative limits and buck the status quo time and time again.

Creative Resolution

There’s no lack of passion or thoughtfulness in our DNA, and we bring that to the table when we meet internally and with clients. Behind the scenes, we’re always reconfiguring opposing ideas to create a new, impactful solution for our client’s most pressing business challenges.

Creative Agility

Testing and refining a portfolio of ideas is how we awe our clients. Our focus on creative agility helps to meet clients where their need is, customizing our approach for corporate enterprises with many stakeholders, a tight group of partner vendors, or a small business looking to stand out in their category. You can’t underestimate this quality as one of the most vital to reach for greatness.

At ST8MNT, when we say “Constantly Collaborate” we’re talking about how exceptional design – strategically conceived and boldly made – comes forward when you turn away the ego and become open to the ideas of others. It’s how we take data, a brand story or marketing strategy to yield work that resonates with the hearts and minds of an audience. Whether designing a website, a brand identity or naming a new company, collaboration helps us embrace the unique, while holding fast to what’s good and always embracing the question mark.

Your one-of-a-kind vision. Our bring-it-to-life passion. Find your next great collaboration.