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Guide to Gift Guides: 2013 Holiday Edition

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This year it seems as though the holidays are approaching us at a speed unlike anything we’ve ever experienced before. The ST8MNT calendar is filling up with Christmas parties quicker than our mailbox is filling up with holiday cards (which is quick). If that’s not stressful enough, we have resolved to buy actual presents this year — not just another gift-card.

Dear reader, if you can relate, ST8MNT is here for you. We’ve scoured the interweb to compile the most comprehensive guide to gift guides ever assembled (ok maybe that’s a stretch, but rest assured that it’s REALLY GOOD).

Whether it’s for the dad who just decided to buy a farm–or for the daughter that listens to eight-tracks because they’re more “authentic,” we’ve got all of your bases covered. Check it out:

For the design minded

Every year, the folks over at designworklife pull together a gift guide chock-full of very well thought out products that have been organized by personality types. Definitely refer to this one when buying for the strongly opinionated.


For the trending

Need a gift for the person on your list that always seems to have cool stuff first? Head over to Cool Hunting for a collection of the most cutting-edge gifts. The best part is that the list is being updated daily. This might be a time when waiting until the last minute might actually pay off.


For the “farmer”

Do you have someone on your list that has a) decided that they will now only eat what they harvest themselves, or b) recently moved to a farm? The fine folks at CHOW have pulled together some essential items that every farmer (or want-to-be farmer) needs to own.


For the foodie

Let’s face it, at some point this holiday season we’re all going to have to find a gift for a foodie. So make it easier on yourself — head over to Food Republic, check out their guide, and remove the guess work around sourcing olive oil. **Bonus – items are “local”


For the extreme

The folks at Man of Many have compiled a pretty comprehensive collection of gift options (¢-$$$) for you to choose from for the one on your list this year who just can’t seem to sit still this year.


For the hipster

Yes, I said the “h word.” But let’s face it, it does describe a pretty vast movement in culture (mostly everyone under 26). Whether it’s a boy or girl you’re shopping for, Urban Outfitters pretty much has you taken care of. **BONUS – gifts under $50! Yay!


For the everyone else

Need a cheap gift for a third cousin? This list has a bunch of interesting gifts that will make the recipient feel like you might actually care about them. Be warned, there’s enough whooz-its and whatcha-ma-things to make a Mermaid flip her shit. Kesha-remixed style.


For the baller

GQ’s list of the most amazing gifts. We can’t actually afford anything on this list, but it’s fun to look at.


Let us know if you find even more helpful gift guides!