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I’m not sure if it’s the fact that I can now see my breath as I go out for my lunch break or if I’ve finally grown up enough to actually read articles on the internet (as opposed to just looking at funny cat pictures); either way, I’ve been enjoying reading several blogs. I know, I know, blogs are not new by any means, but finding a solid blog is the virtual equivalent of finding your sunglasses in the ocean (attainable but time-consuming). That being said, the following blogs have a (loose) central theme of being geared toward men of the Southern persuasion. They’re in no way exclusive but definitely worth sharing with you friends:

1. Bearings
This first site operates not only as a blog, but also as a monthly newsletter and has a twist of doubling as a pseudo-city-guide. Readers can focus on Nashville, Atlanta, Austin, or the Southeast (aka all three). Bearings excels in providing articles that feature local events, artisans,and craftsmen.

2. Food Republic
Food Republic is a hard blog to read, mainly because it has a ton of delicious (easy to make) food. It is easily the least Southern blog on the list but is also the most frequently updated. It also does a good job of aggregating articles from other blogs, enabling you to spend hours site hopping.

3. The Art of Manliness
I believe this title is pretty self-explanatory. Updated every other day (or so), the articles featured here are all super-interesting, and offer a wide range from How to Be an Awesome Uncle to axe restoration.

4. Garden & Gun
Now I know this is cheating a little, Garden & Gun is actually a magazine, but they have a fantastic site loaded with all of the magazine content and keep a blog that is updated (almost) daily. The fact that they are a magazine plays in their favor here, allowing for significantly longer articles with a wide variety of fresh content.

Did we miss your favorite blog? Tell us what you’re reading in the comments.