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Get Blasted! Blaster Business Cards

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Time to bury your toes. It’s spring break and ST8MNT wants everyone to know that heat and sand are back! We recently got the opportunity to create new business cards for one of our long-standing clients, Blaster Entertainment. While the company has a very simple logo, just black and white normally, we knew that we wanted to play with awesome textures to really make this card memorable. After several ideas were thrown around, we landed on an old-favorite that we knew would make an impression for Blaster, thermography.

When you think of thermography, expensive invitations may come to mind, but we knew that we could take this technique to a whole new realm. By using white thermography with black ink, the clean and crisp thermography that we always see in those fancy invites was rendered almost impossible, resulting in an interesting “blasted” look for our Blaster client.