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9 Facts About Designer Parents

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In todays busy world it’s hard being a new dad, especially when you’re a designer dad. If you’re like me, or any of the other new dads at ST8MNT, you will hopefully relate to this post. For me personally, I’ve had to change my design process to adapt to fatherhood. Here are some fun facts on how having a baby changes things:

You Art direct your baby’s style

Your time on social media is now spent editing and sharing baby photos to instagram and Facebook. In addition, you design your baby’s announcement and first birthday invitation because the ones from Target aren’t cool enough (and ST8MNT babies are the coolest).


There’s a NAP for that

When is time to finish up a project before a huge deadline, and your baby is disturbing you, always remember there’s a nap for that.

Baby brands must have cool packaging

As if it really matters to your kid, but you only purchase baby brands that have cool packaging or logo design. Check out Boon and Sassy.


Your baby nursery has brand standards

Everything in your nursery has been thoroughly researched and precisely placed to upkeep cohesiveness and a clean layout.

Your baby has the coolest books

You buy baby books based on the cover or designer. Some of our favorites include Saul Bass’s book, Henri’s Walk In Paris, which is recently back in print after a 16 year hiatus. PANTONE: COLORS – A children’s book is an mix of illustrations with corresponding color swatches. The King’s 6th Finger is an awesome handmade book by Jolby & Friends that has great typography and illustration.


Shortcuts become more valuable

Now that time is limited, shortcuts become more valuable than ever. Too bad command+z doesn’t work on dirty diapers.

Your favorite band is your baby’s favorite band

You can still jam-out to your favorite Radiohead or Weezer song, but now your baby can join in on the fun with softer lullaby versions.


You don’t wear black t-shirts to be the cool designer anymore

You wear it to hide to the baby food, spit-up, drool, poop, etc. that you get on your clothes before work.

Your baby is a hipster

What better way to voice your design opinions than through baby clothing. Whether you love or hate Helvetica they have onsies for each.