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The History of Hip Hop

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the history of hip hop

Since music and graphic design are often different sides of the same coin, and since ST8MNT has provided graphic design services for the recording industry since day one, music is an important element of our daily grind. We’ve been sitting on this little gem for a while now: Allow me to introduce to you, Brooklyn Radio’s – The History of Hip Hop, a year-by-year compilation of the most influential songs of the genre.

This year, make it your resolution to beef up on the history of hip hop. Brooklyn Radio’s seamless mix includes every year of hip hop’s history from 1980-2009. That’s almost 30 years hip-hop to learn from. Here’s what they have to say for themselves and The History of Hip-Hop.

Cosmo Baker, DJ Ayres, and DJ Eleven of The Rub present their history of hip-hop series on BrooklynRadio.com! Beginning in 1979, the Reagan decade is counted down with each years pop hits, underground club classics, and obscure gems. Youll start with the genres block party roots in the South Bronx with Grandmaster Flash and work your way through its mainstream acceptance with Run D.M.C. and LL Cool J. Get ready for the boombox breakdance era of early rap in New York City. Its the History of Hip-Hop: The 80s… To read more head on over to Brooklyn Radio

If 30+ years of hip-hop’s best in playlist format scares you, get started with this mix from 1994.


The Rub’s Hip-Hop History 1994 Mix by Brooklyn Radio on Mixcloud