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BNA Wine Group Website Launch

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We recently launched BNAwinegroup.com! St8mnt was called upon to create a new logo for the BNA Wine Group, LLC. of Nashville, TN almost a year ago. Now, we are proud to announce the expansion of the brand into a website. BNAwinegroup.com is a thoughtful snapshot of the warmth and good taste that a fine wine brings to our table.

BNA Wine Group, LLC. is the creation of fourth-generation wine and spirits distributor John Hooper, second-generation winemaker Tony Leonardini and industry veteran Gary Carr. Together this team of three are keeping glasses in the Nashville area full of high-quality wine! With a portfolio consisting of five different wine labels currently in production, there is a flavor for every occasion.

Visit the site today for more information about the company and where you can go to find some of BNA Wine Group’s grape-tastic palate pleasers! (You must be 21 or older to enter this site.)