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Cain’s Arcade 2: Global Cardboard Challenge

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Inspired becomes inspiring. This cycle is a true example of perpetual motion and the greatest thing about the process of innovation. This is especially the case when a child innovates without the slightest inkling of bringing themselves, or anyone else, anything other than the simple happiness of playing a game. Caine did not intend to inspire anyone, it just happened, in a huge way.



Since the launch of the Caine’s Arcade video last April, Caine has dramatically reinvented the popularity of the cardboard box, and inspired both children and schools all over the world to explore the possibilities of on-hand materials. Caine’s innovative and infectious spirit has even become the founding factor for a new scholarship program designed to encourage and fund imaginative growth potential in children world wide.

As a celebration of the first year anniversary of Caine’s Arcade flash mob, C.A.’s filmmaker Nirvan Mullick is announcing The Global Cardboard Challenge. Visit this site to find or create an event near you! Or donate to the Imagination Foundation here.

Don’t forget your Fun Pass!