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Haters ‘Gon Hate (on Great Homeland Designs)

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all of ty mattson homeland jazz record covers

I stumbled across these Blue Note Jazz album-style covers for HBO’s hit drama HOMELAND. Ty Mattson released his self-initiated cover project on December 17th 2012, the day after the MIND-BLOWING (wink-wink) season two finale. Nice timing, Ty.

At least 2 of ST8MNT’s 9 employees are blood-shot eyes, stay up for 9 days straight, don’t eat, hooked on the show. Scratch that, what I meant to say was, “the show’s O.K… It’s good and all, but not like “The-Wire” good”.

My first response to them was “great, another lame redesign of a style that’s already current and popular.” But as I looked at more of his project I began to notice how well-designed the covers are. I also realized that there was a concept behind his idea: The main character in the show, Carrie Matheson, loves jazz music almost as much as she loves catching terrorists!

I’m so mad that we didn’t think of doing this first. Hats off to Ty Mattson for being a badass and backing up what could be another lame fan art project with a solid concept. I think it’s safe to say that the most people are burnt out on the 50’s style/blue-note-records/minimalist/Saul-Bass’esque re-designes of modern things. Personally, I’ve been over the whole throwback movement pretty much since Olly Moss killed the Star Wars posters and everything else that he decided to make.

With all that being said, I need to learn to stop being a  hater and take  time to look deeper at what I see on the internet. If you are into design and art of this nature, you should check out these Blue-Note Records Wu-Tang album cover redesigns. You should also follow these 2 pinterest boards of modern things redesigned and other various things of retro-ness.

Below are a few of my favs. You should go to Ty’s full blog post to see the whole breath of his Homeland project.