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Best Corporate-Event Branding Ever

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We just wrapped up one of the best jobs ever — a corporate event strategy-and-execution project for RANDA Solutions — and we can’t wait to tell you about it.

RANDA had just moved into a beautiful new building in Franklin and wanted to welcome its growing employee base into the space with a team-building, culture-cultivating experience. They created an event idea centered around riddles  — like a scavenger hunt where teams work to conquer challenges and search the area around the new office for QR codes.


The project was a full campaign, meaning that we touched social media, wearable, video, interactive, mobile and print mediums. First up? RANDA wanted us to name the event. We gave it the moniker “Orange Dawn,” which was a great fit because RANDA’s signature color is an unforgettable tangerine and the name supported the competitive, covert feel that the organizers wanted.

From there, we built out the brand to include a logo and personality, and gradually rolled out posters, whiteboard illustrations, video teasers and clues hidden around the office. Most of our work was done at night to increase the mystery around the event.


Our brand identity designer for the logo, Aaron, was inspired by Game of Thrones geekery and Grecian olympics. And he sprinkled in a little B-horror-movie typography. Note the pen and the sword — and “run, fight, survive” in Latin.

Check out this teaser website, which has a doom-and-gloom, get-serious-about-winning vibe. Since it was covertly planned, only a handful of RANDA employees knew what/when the event was, and imagery like this perpetuated the rumors. Steeped in mystique.


Next, we designed shirts for the actual day, with different colors for each team at RANDA.


Posters and a custom whiteboard drawings for their offices were thrown in for good measure. RANDA employees were pretty excited at this point.




Whiteboard murals:



And we filmed a video for the employees to get excited, then edited it and others for their website. Here are my two favorites (that’s designers Austin and Greg staring in the first one):

For the event itself, we created QR-code clues, which were distributed at scavenger-hunt stations named for Lost Dharma Stations (more TV geekery).



And helped with their Instagram feed. Here are some of the best pics: