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What is False Color?

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Crayola gave we kids a limit for a reason; they wanted to prepare us for coloring things wrong.

The compounding of technology continues to fulfill the prophecies of Intel’s Gordon E. Moore. And, it seems our senses are yearning to keep up. While we wait for synthetic transhumanism to hook us up with bionic cat vision, we’ve actually been bending the spectrum all along.

X-ray’s, Body Scanners, Heat Mapping, Holograms, Elevation Maps, Gradient Mapping, Infrared, Night Vision, Thermography, TSA — we’ve already been trying to tap into the metaphysical spectrum.

Whether we’re talking state of the art elevation mapping of Mars:


Or a state of art Warhol homogenized:

… you’re basically talking about an even higher ridiculous spectrum of possibility. Between Marilyn, Maryland, and Mars … it truly makes one question if we still understand how light works, much less our perception of it.

A few motion implementations:

MGFX Grim Reaper Danny Yount’s Oblivion

bns-bunnyThe Google Fiber Rabbit, permitted consciousness by Brand New School

prologue_atuA little dated; nevertheless, Prologue’s Across the Universe End Titles.

For further study, feel free to go anti-Lauper and Wiki up on the segmentation of False Color!