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Free Printable Holiday Bingo

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There’s a lot to be excited to be about in December…. and then there’s the annual office holiday party. And while we here at ST8MNT love our holiday party, we also realize that not everyone is so lucky.

If you’re dreading your Christmas shindig this year, fear not. ST8MNT is your hero.


We’ve created a free printable Holiday Party Bingo to help pass the evening. It’s free, Christmasy, filled with smartassery and provides all the entertainment you’ll need to survive another speech from your CEO. Here’s what you do:

1. Download the Holiday Party Bingo free printable
2. Print and cut out the cards
3. Share friends from the office

Get extra points for making this into a drinking game or gambling tool!

In addition to a Christmas Bingo, we’ve also done a Sorority Holiday Party Bingo for those of you attending parties of the Greek variety (Sigma Kappa and Chi Omega represent).

Download Holiday Party Bingo free printable!
Download Sorority Holiday Party Bingo free printable!