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The SEO Basics

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Let’s start off by defining SEO: Search Engine Optimization.
Now let’s break that down and make it simpler. It helps finding terms and phrases better known as keywords to generate traffic to your website. SEO also makes your website easy to find for search engines to showcase your unique values to increase visibility for relevant searches. The more visible your website is the higher it’s ranked on search engines. SEO is growing in its importance as the days go on. Here’s is what you should know about SEO and why hiring an expert may be helpful.

Now the definition of SEO sounds pretty simple right? However, SEO can get confusing and frustrating and is becoming more complex…especially in 2020. It takes a little more than just adding keywords to increase visibility and improve organic searches. Some things you must understand and track are: algorithm changes, technological advancements, trends, and your audience. What SEO is has stayed the same however since it’s discovery the techniques to improve rankings has changed which is due to our favorite ever-changing word: algorithms.

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SEO works by…

Google, Safari, Bing, and any other search engines uses bots to go through your pages on your website and collecting information while putting that data in an index. This information is ranked by algorithms and ranked on which order it should be appearing on the search results.

Organic Search is…

Someone going in the search bar on search engines and clicking on a result that is non-paid. Basically, the number of people coming to your website without using paid distribution through SEO.

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SEO is important because…

It helps people find information and discover pages world-wide without having to dig for it. For businesses, SEO is important because it makes sure that their audience’s questions are being answered while bringing that traffic to their website.

Local SEO is…

Essential for smaller, local brick and mortar, mom and pop shops because it appears in specific locations nearby versus nationally. This helps business promote their services and products locally and have the most relevant local searches.

Link building is…

Process of acquiring hyperlinks to promote your website to other websites with the goal of improving visibility on search engines. Content marketing, email outreach, and public relations are common link building strategies.

Social Media

SEO and social media help each other out because: social media leads to increased visibility which means…more links! Content promotion occurs all day on social media where influencers/bloggers are linking their partnerships with various companies all driven through content creation. Influencer marketing helps boost your SEO and social media through engagement and followers.

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SEO, how to do it:

  1. Conduct a website audit

  2. Use a keyword research tool to learn how people are finding you

  3. Analyze Google’s first page of the keywords from above

  4. Stand out by creating something different or better with new + targeted keywords

  5. Develop new content + optimize existing content

  6. Monitor your website’s performance

  7. Purchase SEO software

  8. Examine web pages that are performing well

  9. Monitor your change in traffic and ranking

Here are some resources that can help you and your clients understand SEO: