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So… What does “Integrated” Marketing Mean?

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We are assaulted at all fronts and times by a virtual symphony of advertising methods, from consumer products to social suggestions, seemingly convenient references for items we couldn’t possibly live without or ever remember not having access to.

What separates the successful efforts out from this noise? How do people figure out the “best” for them, and what’s the engine behind these efforts?

Many agencies are self-identified as “Integrated Marketing” groups now. What does that mean?

Here’s ST8MNT’s approach to prospective and existing clients:

We are a branding agency. Quite a bit goes into the strategy of a brand. You may have an existing brand, product or service that doesn’t feel quite relevant in today’s environment (common). Maybe you’re a startup, with seemingly limited capital, compared to the market you’re attempting to disrupt. It’s possible your brand is being caught in the cycle of change for change’s sake. Could be that competition is causing you to reevaluate your go-to-market philosophies. Our world is currently in the throes of a global scenario we as companies and consumers alike have never seen. Our core purpose is to help you discern and make the optimal decisions for your brand, whether it’s B2B or B2C – including your brand ethos and platform, identity, collateral / touchpoints, website presence, creative for campaigns, etc.

To get there, we engage with our clients into strategic reviews, formal research, informational strategies that lead to tactics in paid advertising, social media, content marketing, data / analytics, SEO/SEM, etc. The takeaway here: it’s usually beyond the core of initial brand development in our engagements. We work with companies to decide upon the best approach, oftentimes a multi-faceted one – to gain and maintain confidence in a product, service or event.

ST8MNT is focused on building and exercising that confidence for companies; and their approach to their clientele, existing and new. Our approach is deep, with strategies and tactics that encompass a suite of marketing disciplines to fully understand and get your brand on point, where it needs to be to resonate within your audience(s).

As an illustrated example, the core process to get to the essence of a brand is shown below:

Strategy leads to Analysis, which leads to Planning, and then Execution. As core fundamentals are exposed and thoroughly vetted, you then can begin the process of design and presentation of the brand.

Integrated Marketing Funnel

Here’s a top view of this diagram with more detail – of potential steps in the evaluation and positioning of a brand.


Integrated Marketing - Process

Not every brand needs every step in this process, some have done their homework at the fundamental levels represented above. Our offer is to evaluate your brand, an “audit” of sorts, and work with you to optimize your brand direction and messaging to strategically targeted audiences. We can enter anywhere into the marketing/product cycle and help you gain momentum. We’d love to talk with you – and assist your growth and understanding of your brand and how it can resonate to your selected clientele!