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Art when it’s ugly?

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Things are a bit different these days. It’s ugly out there. The world has taken a step back. Lots of people have been hit hard, and sometimes it’s difficult to see the good side of things. Everybody is trying to adjust to the situation we are all in. So what does an artist do during these strange times? Luckily there are some creative minds out there trying to improve the situation for others, tell people it’s okay we’ll get through this, help spread awareness or just keep the music going.

Living in Nashville, maybe we are some of the lucky ones with such a wildly talented creative scene to keep us afloat with art in one form or another. Art can come out of all kinds of inspiration and believe it or not there are plenty of things to be inspired by right now. Maybe there is something to that “absence makes the heart grow fonder” proverb.

I just want to take a look at some ways artists are doing their part to uplift the communities when there is such a grim vibe out there right now. One of my favorites so far has been how local artist Bryce McCloud aka “Hiram Kneesch” of @isleofprinting turning his truck into a mobile communication station installation to spread the good word along with some PSA posters to help them help others. Honestly lots of love to you all over there at Isle of Printing.

Communication Station - Dead people don't spend money @isleofprinting

Communication Station - My heroes wear scrubs @isleofprinting

Speaking of artists in the Pie Town district of Nashville – Third Man Records has come up with an awesome fucking way of keeping the music going. Gig musicians have been hit real hard by Covid-19. I mean their lively hood was literally based on the one thing we cannot do right now. I gotta say outta all the things I miss, live music is in the top three (wink emoji). Anyways TMR had the great idea of broadcasting these live shows on their youtube all while helping support local musicians. Coining it Third Man Public Access. Thanks you beautiful people for getting me my live music fix. As I’m sitting here writing this they just released a new episode. Check it.

Another local place doing something to keep the music going is Bobby Hotel. They have this thing called Keep it Spinnin’ where they are still getting their favorite artists together to bring live music right to your Instagram. As much as I enjoyed being able to go to their rooftop to hear good music (once we get back to normal you should definitely check it out) getting it anywhere I’m at is still pretty rad.

Pandemic aside the city I call home was hit with some horrible tornados right before this lockdown, and it’s been an even harder time for some people. Our hearts go out to all of em. We’ve been helping one of them who’s taking all the destruction and turning it into something beautiful. Good Wood Nashville has been spreading the message of strength creating commemorative Nashville Strong items, and crafting some gorgeous furniture out of wood salvaged from the tornado. Check it out below and if you feel compelled, you can show your support and get Nashville Strong wood art while helping the community. 50% of proceeds go to helping the employees of a local company of your choice. https://goodwoodnashville.com/nashville-strong

Nashville Strong Signs @isleofprinting

Obviously, there is so many more making art when it’s ugly out there. I’ve rounded up a few below to check out here.


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