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Bottoms Up Ladies & Gents!

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BNA Wine Group contacted us to create an identity that would capture the Nashville soul behind the company. So we did a little research. A couple of Fridays ago we took the afternoon to sample their collection of wines. Here’s a list of our favorites from the Friday Wine-Down:

Bethany – The Rule, Josh N. – Bandwagon Pinot Noir, Austin – Bandwagon Chardonnay, Aaron – Butternut, Josh S. – The Rule, Alyssa – Bandwagon Pinot Noir, Greg – Volunteer

Pick up a bottle on your way home at your local wine shop. If its not there ask them to carry it.

After sampling a little of each and a little too much. We went the drawing boards…not under the influence mind you. That never seemed to improve any creative process, only make it more entertaining!

Here’s an assortment of explorations we proposed to the client and the finalist!: