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Just My Type: A Book Review

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Walk into the the art/design section of any bookstore nowadays and you’re going to be met with two categories of books. I like to divide them as such: the first “How to be a designer” (very boring and typically terribly designed) and the second being “The rich and the beautiful” (well-designed books that utilize interesting printing processes that are subsequently way out of my price range).

This past week I found the holy grail of design books: Viction:ary’s book series I Love Type. I Love Type is an interesting approach to design books where each book in the series focuses on work that is done using a specific typeface. Different designers and firms are featured, spanning the past several decades. Information on the specifics of the typeface being used in each piece, as well as small commentaries about the pieces, are also included in the book.

What you end up with is an interesting study of how a typeface has evolved since its creation and how it can be utilized in a variety of styles and treatments.


As an additional bonus, the books themselves are gorgeous. Bright, neon-edge printing, embossed foil type, and heavy matte and gloss paper make the books even more appealing. Coming in around 20 bucks, they’re a great buy, especially if they have your favorite typeface in their catalogue (cough, futura, cough). So technically they are in a class all of their own,” Great-looking design books we can afford.”

ST8MNT gives them our seal of approval.

All images via Viction:ary