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Illustrated by Fred Noland


So in this years annual “You are so Nashville if…” issue of the the Scene, the winner David Anthony won with this little piece of gold; “Your city flooded and all you got was a lousy T-shirt.” While we might be the butt of that joke, we know it’s simply a joke, and WE THINK IT’S AWESOME! The top entries we’re all illustrated by SF CA’s Fred Noland, and the winner’s made the cover! So go snag up a copy, and make sure you let everyone know that those “lousy shirts” were able to donate $120,000 thus far to aid Nashville flood relief.

Oh, and thanks to Fred for putting one of our designs on what looks to be Elvis Costello carrying a stand up bass! Our aim was true after all!

Read the article here.

Oh and here’s our “You’re so Nashville if…”

“You’re so Nashville if… you’d rather pay a guy from California to draw your illustrations instead of the countless local talent.” Don’t get us wrong, we think ole Fred is awesome and a master of his craft. But how bout stimulate the local economy a little.