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Niice—Radically Relevant

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Screen capture of Niice poster type search

Niice.co is an increasingly popular web application that allows users to search for design inspiration, sourced through popular design websites and blogs. (It’s also a place where one goes to look at cool stuff and say, ‘niiiiiiice!’ Pun limit—met.)

For us at ST8MNT, it is used to find design inspiration, keep up with trends and find moodboard imagery. Be warned—immense distraction occurs.

Screen capture of Niice inspiriation boardScreen capture of image add from other sites to NiiceNiice grayscale option and Women of Graphic Design blog linked image

In some ways, Niice is a lot like Pinterest in terms of functionality. A search brings up a feed of images that you can add to a Niice Board. You can also install a browser button where you can add images to a board found on any site. A feature that is unique to Niice is the ability to view your feed as black and white images, if the color is too distracting. This is particularly useful when you’re working with an existing color palette.

The site also works as a great starting point to dig deeper into the design work that you’re interested in. Example—Niice led me to a blog that I like to follow, Women of Graphic Design, as seen in the image above.

 Screen capture of Niice publication search

Here’s the thing—Niice isn’t going to always pull up the most relevant imagery that will inspire your project every time you search. It’s necessary to pull inspiration from other sources, outside of the realm of popular design. What this tool will do, is inform your design approaches and make your work interesting, innovative and relevant.