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The Year of Introspection

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It’s been a hell of a year already, hasn’t it? 2020 has changed everything and we’re exhausted, yet the pandemic still rages and we’re all just trying to hang on. In these times of stress and uncertainty it’s important not to lose hope. It’s hard to believe there will be better times when it’s not foreseeable. Especially for your brand, how can you make this lull in time be something beneficial?

The reason all of this that’s been happening is so heavy is because it’s important. It’s important to reframe this time as something that is happening FOR all of us, not TO us. How is this pandemic, these harsh times, happening for us? No one wants to go through these difficult times, but sometimes it’s necessary to wake us up.

“I believe that your tragedies, your losses, your sorrows, your hurt happened for you, not to you. And I bless the thing that broke you down and cracked you open because the world needs you open.” -Rebecca Campbell

#1 To give us a reality check on where we should be focusing on.

When you take away the noise, the hustle-and-bustle of everyday work, you should be left with your core. The reason you put in the hours and why you show up to work every day. Reconnecting with your “why” is important to do as often as possible because it helps you keep a consistent brand voice.

#2 You’ll come out stronger.

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. These are extremely dire times for some of us. It’s hard to say this, but a lot of businesses are closing shop. It’s easy to feel burnt out from this and wonder when will this nightmare end. But that’s the thing, it will end – all things eventually come to an end, and when it does, you will have thicker skin and know yourself and your brand better.

#3 This is a true test of the importance of your core.

Sometimes you need to test out your strength to see how strong you really are. Although I would not consider this a “test” since it’s real-life and happening to everyone, I think it’s great to understand your limit. When things run off course and there’s very little inside your control, how strong is your foundation and where do you need to add more support?

#4 You will realize you (or your brand) are not your work.

This is important to understand. You don’t always have to do more or produce the most work – sometimes you need to let go to reveal more of who you are. Your brand or business should be a pretty direct representation of you: who you want to be and the kind of impact you want to have on the world. As long as you have that basis for your business, then whether you make more or not, shouldn’t ultimately hurt you.

“I believe that the things that you are here to teach are the very things that you most need to learn, and that the best teachers are the ones that struggle the most because when they get it, they get it with a triple smackdown.” -Rebecca Campbell

We all have a choice – we can continue to live in a negative head space, or we can acknowledge that although times are really rough right now, some good can come from it too. The world may be crumbling, but that’s because we’re supposed to build something better than before. We all have the ability to take responsibility with the life we want. So, show up, do your best, and be kind to others.