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We had the pleasure of working with Shane Womack from Cheer! Daily on the creation of his Cheer! brand and the premiere edition of Cheer! Magazine. This was our first full magazine design, which differed from other projects in the 100+ page design category as those have been graphic-heavy coffee table books, and not 96 pages of lots of text content. It was definitely a huge undertaking, but we are always up for expanding our skills and taking on new challenges!

All that to say, we had to prepare sufficiently to take on a project of this caliber. From meetings to discussing the creative direction of the project, to how we would organize our files, to who would work on what pieces of the magazine. We pulled down our images on our inspiration board, to allow a snapshot layout of the entire magazine:


We were stoked with the final result. We aimed to really capture Shane’s vision for the brand, and to resonate with the audience – their athletic goals, their passions and aspirations for the future. The current cheerleading magazines in the market are from the world of old-school publishing and not so relevant anymore; so Shane wanted us to push boundaries and be current. We created a mix of hand-done, youthful and modern fonts with vibrant colors, quirky patterns and bold graphics. It’s hard not to be enthusiastic while working on such a spirited brand! Get your copy here!