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Centrifuge Brain Project

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The Centrifuge Brain Project fictional documentary premiered on Vimeo last January 27 based on writer, producer and director Till Nowak’s childhood fascination for the strange atmosphere of amusement parks. The video, starring Leslie Barany, is an incredibly well-written farse, highlighting what could well be called our imaginations’ greatest thrill rides. To bring these beasts to life, Nowak worked closely with cinamatographer Ivan Robles Mendoza. Sound mixing was provided by Andreas Radzuweit and Lukas Bonewitz.


Amidst the intelligent dialogue and seemless CG of these beautifully-imagined rides you find yourself wondering where to get your tickets! It’s not until you realize the narrator just tried to convince you that a ferris wheel could reach 6Gs that you say to yourself, “Wait, this can’t be real! But how amazing if it was‽”

Since its release the film has been honored with over 25 national and international awards.



We here at ST8MNT are no strangers to animation and CG creations and as such definitely appreciate the hard work it took to dream-up and execute this short. Please enjoy the video and check out some of our own animation projects of late here.