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When perusing Pinterest or other design blogs for new inspiration I expose myself to hundreds of images at a time. What I realized was, that as I was continuously flipping through design after design, the thought never occurred to me to inquire on the gender of the designer. I don’t really place much emphasis on one gender over the other when it comes to design. I do find it interesting though these days that I graduated in a class of which was approximately 80% female, but yet work in a studio more than 80% male!

Does your gender really matter when it comes to certain projects? Do you think it should? Would you be more apt to assign a make-up client to a female in your office? Initially you would say, “Sure, she probably knows more about make-up from experience being part of the industry’s target audience.” Not sexist, probably true. But not so if that girl is me, who most days does just fine with a little lip gloss, concealer and mascara. I am not your experienced woman when it comes to smokey eyes and the right shade of lipstick. I hire people if I’m required to wear more than the basics.

Gender roles and interests are blending more than ever these days and, as a designer, I think it should behoove us to have at least somewhat of an understanding of how to market for both our own and the other.

Below are some sweet designs by established and up-and-coming designers/artists that I came across while searching for examples of good type today. See if you can guess the gender of each’s designer. Have fun and good luck! Click the link below each image for the answer.













So how’d you do?