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E Pluribus Ocho: Out of Many, ST8MNT

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This year we added four new people to the ST8MNT family and launched a killer responsive website — so it was definitely time for a new stationary look. Our business cards got a facelift with geometric patterning, clear foil stamping, and custom-designed eights! Check out the fun we had with this identity design from start to finish…

Here is a shot of our original business card. You served us well little buddy. Godspeed.


When it came time to think about our identity design big picture, we devised a plan for everyone to design their own eight to complement the ST8MNT identity. We agreed this would be a great way to celebrate all of us as individual creatives, but solidify the idea that we are all working as one design army.

Crazy Eights!

Here’s a great shot of Austin’s sketchbook. He’s been known to tackle people for sneaking a peek at this thing. If you ever visit us, please act like you don’t see it.


And a great shot of Greg’s NSFW screensaver. The eight is so awesome that we allow it at work, anyway. Also note his sketchbook lying on the keyboard. This one you can look at. Thanks, Greg!


A shot of Austin designing the bling eight for Erica, our traffic manager. She works here.


For the business card series, we wanted to have our hands directly on the process, from designing the eights to hand stamping our information (rather than having it printed).

When our stamps finally arrived, it was like Christmas morning. We all set to practicing our stamping technique immediately. Thanks to Erica, we finally figured out a good method: roll front, roll back, re-ink, repeat.


Check out our family of eights! It is amazing how dead on each of these is in showcasing our awesome mix of personalities. E pluribus ocho.



Here it is! Come say, “Hey!” and we will give you one to put in your little black book.