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Blexbolex! Blexbolex! Blexbolex!

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A fun find for feeding the mind: A friend directed me to No Brow, a publishing of works by a wonderful collection of graphic artists, illustrators, and artists. There, I came across Blexbolex a French illustrator and artist based in Berlin who has created such works as Dog Crime, Abecederia, and No Man’s Land.

Blexbolex’s graphic illustration makes great use of pattern, silhouette, and a close-to-home color palette that reminds me of the posters of E. McKnight Kauffer and A.M. Cassandre.

With simple overlapping, fluid irregularity and geometric shapes with hints of texture, Blexbolex creates compelling compositions that play to mystery, horror, quirk, and playfulness.

Here are a few pulls (and some sketches!) from his books Dog Crime, Abecederia, and No Man’s Land:




After seeing his final work its interesting to view Blexbolex’s process: