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Top 13 Reasons to Intern at ST8MNT

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Top 13 reasons to intern at St8mnt:

  • ST8MNT IS a reputable brand agency with an equally wicked fun side.
  • The people are super duper helpful, and cool.
  • ST8MNT has a wide variety of clients, meaning you will be given pretty dope projects to work on.
  • They have good taste in music.
  • Mr. Baby Greg will rap for you.
  • You will learn practices, techniques, shortcuts, and design principles not taught in school.
  • ST8MNT will make you better designer.
  • They won’t ask you to make coffee runs.
  • You actually get to design work for real clients.
  • They’ve won 35 awards, a.k.a., they know how to get it done.
  • ST8MNT is an innovative small brand agency with super powers.
  • Winter is coming, house St8mnt will be your ally.
  • You will learn what design life is all about.

List written by C8tlin, our beloved intern.

Good news: ST8MNT is accepting a new intern post Thanksgiving. If you want to join us, send your resume and portfolio link to info@st8mnt.com. We’d love to get to know you.