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Bored With Plain Ole Boards?

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Are you bored with the plain Jane PDF brand manuals and mood boards? Yeah, us too. Static manuals just don’t cut it in the current agency landscape. Something constantly gets lost in translation, isn’t applicable, doesn’t allow for collaboration or becomes quickly outdated. This is where InVision’s Boards come into play. InVision Boards are a dynamic and powerful presentation tool for displaying any client-facing concept while allowing for the sharing and downloading of assets.

InVision rolled out their new Boards features last year and we’ve been going hard using them for our partners. Utilizing boards for name branding, mood boarding, and logo concepts have allowed for us to present all of our ideas and experiences in an intuitive, beautiful, understandable and controlled format. About 75% of our projects that go out the door travel via InVision.

mood board section st8mnt brand board

Utilizing Boards for comments ends up saving time, phone calls, emails and reduces meeting times. The presentation allows for ‘real-time’ back and forth correspondence between all our team members and our clients.  Feedback and collaboration on rounds are phenomenal and extremely user-friendly.

Thoughts from InVision’s team about Boards:

“InVision Boards provide a flexible space to tell stories, share files, and collaborate with team members throughout the entire design process…”

~Jacob Holloway

“Boards let you collaborate on visual designs and creative assets like never before.”

~Clair Byrd

branding board with texture and do not examples
ST8MNT texture examples with dont’s

Gone are the days of digging, unzipping and not interacting with brand manuals. Now our whole team can double check if an internal project is on brand and can download assets like a logo or background texture all in the same place and in the manner of seconds. The ability to share assets might be the largest benefit of utilizing InVision’s Boards as a brand manual.
I might actually miss yelling across the office to find the correct version of Trade Gothic or a Vector logo. Yeah right.

comment and asset brand board example

With our rebrand, we saw an excellent opportunity to utilize InVision’s new Boards feature. Boards as a brand manual give us the ability to house all of our brand assets and at the same time, inform our whole creative team on how to use our shiny new brand. If an image or asset needs to be updated, you can make any amendment without having to resend a PDF or change a link. The link to our brand board remains the same and edits are dynamically generated allowing for impromptu changes on down the line. This also gives the content creator creative control to curate the experience in a living document instead of the old static, clunky and manually-delivered forever-unchangeable PDF.

So, go on…experience all the awesomeness that is Boards while treating yourself to some ST8MNT branded eye candy.

Take our slick new brand and manual out for a spin. Watch out, though, she can be a little fast around the corners.

Check out the new ST8MNT brand manual

Pivotal Features to InVision’s Boards:

Rapid collaboration and feedback

Asset sharing and hosting

Immediately synched content updates

Intuitive user experience

Multiple ‘ready-made’ grid layouts

Simple organizational options for hierarchy and context


InVision is quickly becoming the industry standard for all things that need to be presented in a designerly and professional manner. Every day our partners are loving InVision more and corresponding on designs like champs! We love it and you should too.

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