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The Spirits of Love

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I don’t hate Valentine’s Day.

When I was younger that statement would not have been true. In fact, it was the exact opposite. The minute the candy hearts and fake roses hit the shelves I would go into full on rant mode, regardless of being in a relationship or not. But then I realized something: Valentines Day is a drinking holiday.

For those of us who have been single since turning 21, this should be a no brainer. Two very distinct situations could play out here. Either you,
(A) buy a bottle of something, open said bottle, and feel sorry about your singleness until you text an ex something regretful (MAYDAY); or you
(B) call up your single friends and all meet up for a nice drink (aka, party time).

And for those of you who plan on celebrating in a traditional manner when February 14th rolls around, you can also enjoy V-Day as a drinking holiday. Either you and your significant other are going out for dinner or you’re staying in, in both situations, liquid courage should be involved.

Now that we’ve established how to drink, we’ll tackle the real issue: What to drink. Being a southern boy at heart and in love with Nashville, I would like to recommend to you, dear reader, several local (and regional) distilleries that you might not have known about and will hopefully fall head over heels for.

Greg’s Short-List of Southern Libations:
1. Nelson’s Green Brier Distillery – When Charles Nelson acquired this distillery in the 1800s, he infused the company with quality, passion, and authenticity. Over 200 years later, brothers Andy and Charlie Nelson are making their great-great-great grandfather proud. They’ve done a great job of reviving a superior product with Belle Meade Bourbon. This has been my go to whiskey for almost six months as it sports a bold rye character and long, smooth finish. (I like it best with a dash of bitters on ice.)

2. Corsair Distillery – When I’m not drinking whiskey, I’m drinking gin; and when I’m drinking gin, I’m drinking Corsair. Corsair gin is produced in small batches and boasts a smooth finish and a unique crispness from other gins. In addition to gin, Corsair also produces a several whiskeys, absinths, rum, and moonshine in a variety of flavors. (Pair it up with some Jack Rudy Tonic and soda water and prepare to fall in love.)

3. Ole Smoky Distillery – Sporting the title of the first federally licensed distillery in the history of East Tennessee, Ole Smokey Moonshine gives a historical nod to a pro-prohibition favorite. In addition to the standard Original Moonshine, they also produce several different flavors of moonshine and a special moonshine specifically for mixed drinks. (I put Moonshine Cherries in mixed drinks.)

What will you be drinking this Valentines Day?