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New Branding for AM@FM, Arnold Myint

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Introducing Arnold Myint’s newest quick-eatery, AM@FM, Arnold Myint at the Farmer’s Market! ST8MNT’s work is on display here with the creation of menus, a new logo to extend Arnold’s personal branding, display banners, and food photography by Josh Newman. Shout-outs given to ST8MNT designers Greg Frank and Alyssa Rachels. We worked hard to ensure AM@FM has the looks, but we’ll leave the cooking to Arnold! This time, Chef Myint has created a place for those of us with fresh food cravings, the grab and go lifestyle, or simply when we want a dang good soup, salad, or sandwich pronto. Designed around the concept of your local farmer’s market booth, everything served at AM@FM is made fresh daily using ingredients untouched by obscure chemicals, additives, or preservatives. It’s just plain, simply, absolutely, completely, and wholly pure! So step up to the counter and enjoy the fresh eats and atmosphere of AM@FM, located at the Farmer’s Market on 8th.

A small clip of AM@FM’s yummy menu. Can’t you just taste the goodness? If only you could smell through the screen…