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The Cup O’Dreams Championship

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This past week we finished an experimental productivity program that we like to call The Dream Incentive program.

With the goal of making the design agency even more productive and efficient, our team set out to keep 85% of all projects at or under the number of hours budgeted for that work. Through the employee incentive program, ST8MNT learned to better communicate and develop project management skills — meaning we are an even more well-oiled machine. At the end of the program (an impressive 4 months) we had a ceremony where every team member who met their goal was presented the reward that they had chosen at the beginning of the program. And we had rootbeer floats — YUUUUUUM.

Rewards ranged from plane and basketball tickets to a designer handbag to a Mac Mini to a miter saw (yeah Austin’s weird like that). We also had a special award for keeping all projects under hours that was presented to our very own Alan (you can see him holding the coveted Championship Cup O’ Dreams in the GIF above). Just another reason why ST8MNT is kicking’ ass and taking game.
— Frank out —

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