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ST8MNT Celebrates Our Favorite Rebrands of 2022

In the new year, it’s fitting for our team of brand-building experts to weigh in on their favorite rebrands of 2022. Personally, my favorite rebrand of the year was that of DAVID agency, which was executed completely in-house. As an advertising nerd, I follow agencies closely and always find it interesting when they take the opportunity […]

A Look Back at 2020 Logo Trends

As we look back on the past year, with one horrifying news story after another, it’s no surprise that the creative industry had a strong and drastic reaction to the events surrounding them. 2020 created a new world – a world dominated by Zoom, FaceTime, and other tech companies accelerating their presence in everyone’s lives. […]

Moodboarding: 101

Let’s just go ahead and say it… Moodboarding is (among other important things) one of the MOST IMPORTANT steps in the brand building process. Your moodboard not only serves as a guiding north star for your brand, it can also be considered the foundation as to which your brand will grow and expand on. It’s […]

Branding & The Art of Measuring an Identity’s Success

After all is said and done, it’s not the aesthetic complexity of a logo, or the lack thereof, that makes for the ultimate success of an identity project. We are midway through the branding process and we have now reached the most critical point. It’s time to reflect upon the original problem, review identity solutions, […]

SEC brand report card

College football in the South. Life and death for some, and the epitome of annoying for others. Most of us here at ST8MNT love SEC football. We have three University of Tennessee grads here. In all of our “what happened over the weekend” talk on Monday mornings,  besides groaning about the Vols’ lack of offense, […]

I Pull Trilla(s)

One of the best things about looking at movies and their trailers is how they stylize the studio logos. Whoever started the trend needs to speak up and take all of the credit. Of today’s twenty or so majors, Warner Brothers seems to be the most lenient in allowing motion designers to accentuate the WB […]

E Pluribus Ocho: Out of Many, ST8MNT

This year we added four new people to the ST8MNT family and launched a killer responsive website — so it was definitely time for a new stationary look. Our business cards got a facelift with geometric patterning, clear foil stamping, and custom-designed eights! Check out the fun we had with this identity design from start […]

London 2012: Designing for the Past, Present and Future

Beijing 2.0 is below the fold and the London 2012 “Touh-na-mint” is well underway. Hidden in plain sight is an ascerbic graphic aesthetic, constructed by various design thinkers and, strangely enough, conceived with different time periods in mind. The time-and-place design curveball gets thrown every now and then, and we constantly adjust our philosophical swing. Sometimes […]

Bottoms Up Ladies & Gents!

BNA Wine Group contacted us to create an identity that would capture the Nashville soul behind the company. So we did a little research. A couple of Fridays ago we took the afternoon to sample their collection of wines. Here’s a list of our favorites from the Friday Wine-Down: Bethany – The Rule, Josh N. – Bandwagon […]