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How do you tell your brand story? Take a lesson from Jack.

ST8MNT principals Josh and Bethany Newman attended an inspiring talk by Jack Daniel’s representatives Ted Simmons and Jennifer Powell, called “The Last Time I Saw Lynchburg: How to Build a Successful Global Brand with a Single Selling Message.” Kudos to the Nashville Chamber of Commerce for putting on such a cool event, though some attendees may have […]

The Spirits of Love

I don’t hate Valentine’s Day. When I was younger that statement would not have been true. In fact, it was the exact opposite. The minute the candy hearts and fake roses hit the shelves I would go into full on rant mode, regardless of being in a relationship or not. But then I realized something: […]


I’m not sure if it’s the fact that I can now see my breath as I go out for my lunch break or if I’ve finally grown up enough to actually read articles on the internet (as opposed to just looking at funny cat pictures); either way, I’ve been enjoying reading several blogs. I know, […]

BNA Wine Group Website Launch

We recently launched! St8mnt was called upon to create a new logo for the BNA Wine Group, LLC. of Nashville, TN almost a year ago. Now, we are proud to announce the expansion of the brand into a website. is a thoughtful snapshot of the warmth and good taste that a fine wine […]

Bottoms Up Ladies & Gents!

BNA Wine Group contacted us to create an identity that would capture the Nashville soul behind the company. So we did a little research. A couple of Fridays ago we took the afternoon to sample their collection of wines. Here’s a list of our favorites from the Friday Wine-Down: Bethany – The Rule, Josh N. – Bandwagon […]

New Branding for AM@FM, Arnold Myint

Introducing Arnold Myint’s newest quick-eatery, AM@FM, Arnold Myint at the Farmer’s Market! ST8MNT’s work is on display here with the creation of menus, a new logo to extend Arnold’s personal branding, display banners, and food photography by Josh Newman. Shout-outs given to ST8MNT designers Greg Frank and Alyssa Rachels. We worked hard to ensure AM@FM […]