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Modern Mascots

They aren’t just for sports teams. From breakfast cereals and fast food to home cleaners and auto parts, mascots have been a staple in branding and advertising in a wide variety of markets. They also come in a variety of shapes and sizes. We mostly think of smiling cartoons but mascots can be 3D renders […]

Our Best Tips for Naming Your Brand

What’s in a name? Shakespeare said this in 1597, but that doesn’t mean it’s not relevant today. The insight within this quote is that the goal of “naming” things, people, businesses, etc. is to differentiate one from another. When it comes to naming your business or brand, the qualities of a good name include 1) […]

The Right Sound

Do you hear that? It’s the sound of your brand. For many, visual marketing is a familiar sight. But what about building brand recognition through sound? With the rising popularity of short video content, audiences have short attention spans – and they must be hooked quickly. The point? Don’t fear making great content, but ensure the […]

ST8MNT Celebrates Our Favorite Rebrands of 2022

In the new year, it’s fitting for our team of brand-building experts to weigh in on their favorite rebrands of 2022. Personally, my favorite rebrand of the year was that of DAVID agency, which was executed completely in-house. As an advertising nerd, I follow agencies closely and always find it interesting when they take the opportunity […]

Branding in the Skateboarding Industry

So you’ve heard of the skate brand Thrasher — but why? Skateboard companies’ unique branding identities and how they are portrayed is the key to success in the skateboarding community and beyond. Skateboard brands are a major aspect of the skateboarding industry and what it means to be a part of the culture. Outside of […]

TEXTure: Sprucing Up the Surfaces of Your Typography

When it comes to sprucing up typography, we love a good texture moment. Whether it’s overlaying texture right on top or sprucing up the edges, it can be hard to decide what texture is right for your design. We’re gonna lay out a few of our favorite techniques for getting gritty.  

All Systems are Go

A brand system is the collection of visuals, messaging, and approaches that relate to the external interaction with your brand. Every element and word is essential in supporting your brand story, compelling audiences to understand and act in line with your goals. Branding communicates the brand promise through its brand system. The vision and goals […]


No one likes reading long paragraphs. When information becomes indigestible, it often becomes overwhelming to understand, analyze, and compare vast amounts of statistics and figures. Data visualization provides an excellent way to present information. Using good design, brands can create engaging graphics that tell the story in a way that captures the attention of the […]

Connect with Color

Color is a design element that leaves an impression in an instant to your entire brand audience. Some brands are very colorful and expressive, while others are neutral and more serious. Color plays an important part in brand recognition and consumer behavior, guiding people to make decisions based largely on their own subliminal perceptions. There’s […]