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A Brief History of John Baldessari

I was surfing around the Atlantic last week when I stumbled on an article entitled The Man Who Burned Every Painting He Made Between 1953 and 1966. The article was a link to a 6 minute documentary of one of the most influential contemporary artists, John Baldessari. The film is a fun and informative part […]

Jacqui Get Your Gun

For a quick spotlight, I’d like to introduce you to the illustration and lettering work of Jacqui Oakley.  She lives in Hamilton, Ontario and teaches illustration at Ontario College of Art and Design in Toronto. I first stumbled across Oakley‘s work a few years back on Designers MX (RIP), when she created a cover for her halloween […]

Blexbolex! Blexbolex! Blexbolex!

A fun find for feeding the mind: A friend directed me to No Brow, a publishing of works by a wonderful collection of graphic artists, illustrators, and artists. There, I came across Blexbolex a French illustrator and artist based in Berlin who has created such works as Dog Crime, Abecederia, and No Man’s Land. Blexbolex’s […]

John Connor Run!

Ferrofluid defined is a fluid containing particles subject to magnetic suspension. This material is used to seal harddrives, as a contrast agent for magnetic imaging in medicine, and apparently to create the terminator army. Artist Sachiko Kodama has gone to great lengths to further demonstrate this material’s ability to be manipulated by using it as […]

Natural, Man-Made Wonders

You may have already caught wind of these compelling shots from photographer Lincoln Harrison back in 2011. But with recent renewed interest in star calendars and the movement of our planet through this expanding universe, I think these are worth a revisit. Harrison is an accidental photographer who grew up in Bendigo, Australia. He never […]

Haters ‘Gon Hate (on Great Homeland Designs)

I stumbled across these Blue Note Jazz album-style covers for HBO’s hit drama HOMELAND. Ty Mattson released his self-initiated cover project on December 17th 2012, the day after the MIND-BLOWING (wink-wink) season two finale. Nice timing, Ty. At least 2 of ST8MNT’s 9 employees are blood-shot eyes, stay up for 9 days straight, don’t eat, hooked […]

The History of Hip Hop

Since music and graphic design are often different sides of the same coin, and since ST8MNT has provided graphic design services for the recording industry since day one, music is an important element of our daily grind. We’ve been sitting on this little gem for a while now: Allow me to introduce to you, Brooklyn Radio’s – […]

Nosferatu, Honest Abe and Illegible Intertitles

In lieu of last week’s release of one of this summer’s most ridiculous blockbusters, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, here at St8mnt we thought it best to reminisce over the original silver screen vampire, Nosferatu, German director F.W. Murnau’s seminal foray into horror. Released in 1922, Murnau’s masterpiece proved foundational to vampire films, and to this […]

DRIVE a stake thru my heart (90’s Buffy style)

  Mike Horowitz is the man of the week. At least when it comes to internet design dork-dom. He has bestowed upon the world the best / most clever poster for Drive yet. If you haven’t seen the movie it’s a  film noir throw back flick that is violent and includes a Hammer (wink wink). Check […]

SuperBrothersinc Sword & Sworcery EP

We’re all IPhone & IPad App fiends over here at ST8MNT. You can find us on twitter, instagram, touching clouds in Tiny Wings, or just Hanging with Friends! We thought you guys should see this awesome game that Superbrothersinc released earlier this year called Sword and Sworcery ep. The game animation is just beautiful, and […]