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Branding in the Skateboarding Industry

So you’ve heard of the skate brand Thrasher — but why? Skateboard companies’ unique branding identities and how they are portrayed is the key to success in the skateboarding community and beyond. Skateboard brands are a major aspect of the skateboarding industry and what it means to be a part of the culture. Outside of […]

Breaking Free of Fear

Everyone feels fear. It’s something we all face. Some fears that businesses or brands face to stay relevant in the time are the fear of evolving technology, rebranding or starting anew, and the fear of failing or disappointing their audience. Confronting these fears and moving past your comfort zones is vital in your personal and […]

20 / 20 Visions

2020 is going down in the history books. It’s been a weird one. I keep thinking about how just the idea of living in the year 2020 seems so futuristic. I mean, weren’t we supposed to be traveling around space or something at this point? Obviously 2020 has been a bit different than most ever […]

Warning: Reading May Lead to Severe Illness

In the midst of a public health crisis, communication is crucial to informing the general population about ongoing risks and prevention. During the COVID-19 pandemic, organizations like the CDC and health departments have the responsibility to provide information in order to save lives and reduce the spread of illness. Visual messaging on these crises has […]

Don’t be scared, get weird.

Damn it’s always a really great junt when you get to surround yourself by 300+ brilliant designers, artists, makers, entrepreneurs, down to earth, like-minded yet unique creative individuals. I wanted to take some time to look back at the Creative Works conference in Memphis, TN a few of us at ST8MNT went to last year. […]

Why Are We Still Talking About this “Line” Between Art and Design?

Well, hello there Kevin, Glenda, Frank, Patricia, whatever your name may be, I brought you here today to have you ponder over one simple question: how exactly do we define what we consider to be fine art versus “graphic design”? BOR-ING (amirite?). This question has been asked over and over and over again, and let’s […]

Piercing the Noise with Generative Art

What your consumer remembers, and talks about, is defined by the experience they’ve had with your brand. Knowing this, the industry is always angling for something new to catch the eye of the potential fan, and if all goes well, leaving a lasting impression with them. However, With the level of mass media and technology […]


Yup, I’m definitely not Catholic… so I didn’t really say any Hail Marys… sorry… but hey, it rhymes. There’s also some Pope stuff in the mix, so it’s relevant. Dude, I’ve been working for eight years. Five of them at the good ole ST8MNT BRAND AGENCY. AKA the best place in Nashville to work. Forget […]

Nashville Design Bros Hit Up Minneapolis

ST8MNT represented Nashville hard at the biannual AIGA design conference this year by sending creative director Josh Newman, senior graphic designer Austin Hale and me (Mr. Aaron Rayburn) up to Minneapolis for a bit of fun. To say we had a blast is an underst8mnt. Check out our review of the 2013 AIGA HEAD HEART […]