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What’s Cookin’ Ben Franklin?

Recently our friends at Nat Geo gave us the opportunity to create a 40 page cookbook for their annual Expedition Week. It was an intense 2 week process from start to finish. End result, an awesome design piece with some tasty delights! Take a look. Recipes vary from “Eating With Cannibibals” Finger Foods Appetizer to “Ben Franklin’s Pirate Fleet” […]

Watch the Throne Kanye/JayZ First Single Cover

Allow me to introduce you to an awesome, yet very un-kosher cover for the upcoming Kanye/Jay-Z  joint, “HAM.” According to the the single itself, the cover was “Creatively Directed” by fashion designer, Riccardo Tisci. This is further proof that Jay-Z and Kanye are stupid rich and out of touch with their “hood” roots. However, there is a […]

ADHD kids are always the most at the party!

Josh Shearon found this hella rad video on Swiss-Miss’s design blog and showed it to me. We thought it was so rad that we had to repost it. Swiss-Miss’s blog is pretty sweet, she’s way better at letting the world know what’s up then we are. You should RSS her site RIGHT NOW! Everything she likes and […]


  So in this years annual “You are so Nashville if…” issue of the the Scene, the winner David Anthony won with this little piece of gold; “Your city flooded and all you got was a lousy T-shirt.” While we might be the butt of that joke, we know it’s simply a joke, and WE […]

Painter of Light dot com

Since it’s not Friday anymore, there needs to be a post to clear out all the euro-tash’ness. This isn’t by far anything new, but today I bring to you Brandon Bird. It’s a bunch of sick Neo-Pop-Art-Dork-Culture paintings. And if Christopher Walken building an artificial life-form doesn’t do it for you…. BOOM! Bea Arthur, the […]

How did you get that !@#? awesome job?

Hustle’n from st8mnt on Vimeo. Asked by #AIGA nashville to speak about how we got that #@?! awesome job, This is what the team at st8mnt came up with.