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Tapping Into a City’s Creative Scene

Do you feel disconnected from the creative scene within your city? Want the “in” on the first steps to connecting with artists around you? You’ve come to the right place. Finding a community of creatives can really make or break your experience in the city you call home. In the best case scenario this adventure […]

Brands are Like Friends

There are some friends that are fun to party with, and others that inspire us to be better. Other friends are like trusted allies, dependable in helping us through whatever life throws at us. Each friend has their own unique qualities that make us fond of them. Not all friends are friends forever, but some […]

Nostalgia Kicks us in the Rear

I remember my first concert like it was yesterday. At 12 years old, a devoted Jonas Brothers fan, I jammed out like it was the Year 3000 in an arena full of excited tweens and overzealous parents. To my dismay, the band broke up in 2013. As soon as I heard the band was getting […]

No Struggle, No Progress

After an exhilarating and inspirational time at Creative Works Conference, we took a moment to reflect on what we took away from the speakers and their stories. There was a recurring subject circulating throughout most of the conference: the theme of conflict vs. progress. From my perspective, there are many types of conflict that creative […]

Eat Your Ego: Designing With Purpose

Everyone loves pretty design. But who cares? We designers love nothing more than showcasing beautiful designs on our Instagram, Behance, Dribbble accounts or what-have-you. Beautiful work is essential for designers; it inspires us to come up with new ideas and push visuals and new ideas to the limit. However, if these visuals aren’t paired with […]

On Branding The Raddys

On Saturday, February 27th, over 400 people in the Nashville advertising community gathered to award the best work of the past year at the 51st Annual Nashville American Advertising Awards. This year, ST8MNT won one Gold and five Silver 2016 AAF Addys. Even more exciting than that, though, ST8MNT was honored to brand Nashville’s 2016 American […]

The Cup O’Dreams Championship

This past week we finished an experimental productivity program that we like to call The Dream Incentive program. With the goal of making the design agency even more productive and efficient, our team set out to keep 85% of all projects at or under the number of hours budgeted for that work. Through the employee […]

Best Corporate-Event Branding Ever

We just wrapped up one of the best jobs ever — a corporate event strategy-and-execution project for RANDA Solutions — and we can’t wait to tell you about it. RANDA had just moved into a beautiful new building in Franklin and wanted to welcome its growing employee base into the space with a team-building, culture-cultivating […]