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Tapping Into a City’s Creative Scene

Do you feel disconnected from the creative scene within your city? Want the “in” on the first steps to connecting with artists around you? You’ve come to the right place. Finding a community of creatives can really make or break your experience in the city you call home. In the best case scenario this adventure […]

How Design Has Perpetuated Racism

Graphic design can often be seen as a reflection of the times and we live in a society where racism has been prevalent since the beginning of our history. So, is it surprising that design has been discriminatory in the past? America has what you would call institutional racism prevalent in our society, which means […]

Warning: Reading May Lead to Severe Illness

In the midst of a public health crisis, communication is crucial to informing the general population about ongoing risks and prevention. During the COVID-19 pandemic, organizations like the CDC and health departments have the responsibility to provide information in order to save lives and reduce the spread of illness. Visual messaging on these crises has […]

Brand Partners: How To Manage Social Media During COVID-19

Marketing teams, Social Media Managers and Brand Creatives… we see you. We know that in addition to managing your own anxieties, (and family needs) the brands, to which you devote the best of your abilities, must now also navigate this crisis with your help. We know your colleagues need you; your brand partners are counting […]

Guide to Gift Guides: 2013 Holiday Edition

This year it seems as though the holidays are approaching us at a speed unlike anything we’ve ever experienced before. The ST8MNT calendar is filling up with Christmas parties quicker than our mailbox is filling up with holiday cards (which is quick). If that’s not stressful enough, we have resolved to buy actual presents this […]

Just My Type: A Book Review

Walk into the the art/design section of any bookstore nowadays and you’re going to be met with two categories of books. I like to divide them as such: the first “How to be a designer” (very boring and typically terribly designed) and the second being “The rich and the beautiful” (well-designed books that utilize interesting […]

How thoughtful design makes sick kids happy

This September is National Childhood Cancer Awareness month, and we’re featuring great design that’s been put in place to surround childrens’ cancer treatment. Thousands of children each year are diagnosed with cancer, and cancer is the leading cause of death for American children under age 15. Over the past 30 years, advances in the understanding […]

A Brief History of John Baldessari

I was surfing around the Atlantic last week when I stumbled on an article entitled The Man Who Burned Every Painting He Made Between 1953 and 1966. The article was a link to a 6 minute documentary of one of the most influential contemporary artists, John Baldessari. The film is a fun and informative part […]

Mo’ ST8MNT Babies Mo’ Problems

2 ST8MNT designers (Austin and Aaron) just had two little girls about one week apart. Welcome to the world Ella Rowe Hale and Esme Brighton Rayburn. (pictured above, Esme on the left and Ella on the right) Names beginning with the letter ‘E’ must be trending or something. Erin and Austin’s lil’ hale-ion (pronounced ˈheɪl […]