Station Avenue

Station Avenue vertical logo in rust color with charcoal type on faded restaurant image background

How do you create a mixed-use development brand that’s adaptable enough to represent and define a new “downtown district” for an area? The brand system for Station Avenue in Rohnert Park, California uses graphics, colors, typography and messaging to capture the active yet laid back vibe of Sonoma County CA, that can translate across residential, retail, commercial buildings and public spaces. With multiple audiences, (commuter residents, San Francisco Bay area day-trippers, wine county tourists, and locals who might dine, shop and work there), it was key to create a brand with an authentic sense of place that’s true to the land and history, yet inspiring and flexible for the future.

The Station Avenue brand is intentionally different than the other communities surrounding California’s wine country. The logo system features a distinctive and timeless “SA” monogram set in colors which are inspired by the district’s Ag-modern architecture and native landscaping. The type pairings are inspired by the juxtaposition of reliability and discovery, representing the SMART Rail station commuters and patrons of shops and restaurants. The Retail lookbook tells the story of why Station Avenue is the perfect place to open a retail store or restaurant, through smart market data about the district and its community.

four logo sketches for station avenue including type lockups, stylized monograms and arch shapes
moodboard images including signage, dogs, tote bag, colored floor tile, a restaurant waiter carrying a burger and beer
Station Avenue's color palette includes rust, charcoal, cream, yellow, navy, teal, white, black
Station Avenue's brand attributes include adventurous, laid back, outdoor-focused, comforting, quality, local
Station Avenue circular logo crest in rust color
horizontal logo in yellow and charcoal
SA monogram in charcoal color
Station Square typographic lockup in cream on mustard yellow
Station Avenue crest logo on branded beer glass
Station Avenue SA monogram embroidered on yellow and white vertical striped shirt
See you on the ave type lockup in teal on a cream background
The Ave typography lockup with stylized arrow
yellow canvas tote bag with see you on the ave typographic lockup design
Venture Garden typography lockup with craft food & drink tagline on brick wall
Retail deck cover design featuring topdown image of patrons at a restaurant and Station Avenue crest logo in rust color
downtown district in Sonoma County page in Station Avenue retail deck
hospitality offerings and public parks page in Station Avenue retail deck
True to its roots location page in Station Avenue retail deck
Agmodern landscaping and environment page in Station Avenue retail deck
Audience growth page in Station Avenue retail deck
Just Around the Bend SMART rail map page in Station Avenue retail deck