Saint Goose

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We’re passionate about wine and spirits at ST8MNT, so were full of cheer developing an experiential wine shop brand! Saint Goose brings wine, whiskey and wisdom to a community elevating the knowledge of fine spirits and encouraging patrons to spread their wings. We designed a deep brand system with lots of personality and variations that can reflect the varied experiences they offer and potential brand extension lines in a retail environment. It’s a place to gather, enjoy and learn a little – never snobby and always something to discover. Welcoming all patrons equally, from veteran connoisseurs of wine to those who might be novices, Saint Goose is the go-to spot to learn about rare liquors and wine not found in typical local liquor and grocery stores. The shop always feels like a home away from home, a place where everyone from the neighborhood knows they’ll find the conversation-sparking wines.


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Brand Messaging

Saint Goose is a place for everyone who is passionate about wine, spirits, food and people. The brand visuals and messaging exudes sophistication while not seeming pretentious. The visuals for Saint Goose are created with storytelling in mind. Striking up a conversation is one of the main goals with each brand element, so phrasing feels like a conversation snippet. Libations are fun, and GOOSE-isms are embraced…
“The goose is loose,” “good for the gander,” “gaggle,” add a touch of creativity and memorability.



saint goose dot pattern
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Saint Goose Legend Story

Who’s Saint Goose? Although the exact origins of the tale are unknown, the story begins with a monocle-wearing abbot named Georges who lived in the eastern French countryside during the middle ages. Georges was a cheeky soul who was often referred to as “the wise Abbot Goose” by locals due to his ever-hopeful sentiments, unsolicited advice and flock of pet geese that followed him around everywhere he went. Georges was known to show up at the doorsteps of the townspeople, equipped with a bottle of wine and a words of wisdom. One day a fire swept across the land, wiping out the majority of grape crops in the abbey’s vineyard. Georges attempted to heat the wine in an effort to encourage the townspeople to drink the wine slower so that it would last longer. To everyone’s surprise the wine became more potent after it cooled! The abbot continued to refine this process that is now known as distillation. Because of Georges’ strong faith, unselfish wisdom and spirit of curiosity, sainthood was bestowed on the abbot. His new nickname? Saint Goose.




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saint goose dot pattern
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Saint Goose instagram story - wine dinner event
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