Richland Country Club

Gif rotating through images of the Richland Country Club logo suite mockup up and presented on various mediums

Welcome to Richland Country Club: a private, member-owned club with over 120 years of deep historic ties to Nashville’s elite. As an established brand, Richland was looking for a high-caliber refresh that distinctly represented their past and pressed them towards the future.


Moodboard of images that served as inspiration for the Richland Country Club brand
Bar of colors representing the Richland Country Club brand colors of dark blue, light blue, natural white, gold, and light grey
Two historic images of the Richland Country Club property sit on a dark blue background. To the right of them is a paragraph that reads:
Richland Country Club 1901 monogram in gold
Richland Country Club crest in light blue
Richland Country Club 1901 bullet in dark blue
Richland lettering showcasing the handmade characters designed as a wordmark

We began the branding process by discovering the traditions and pillars the club was built upon. While it was essential to maintain the storied tradition of one of Nashville’s founding clubs, the new identity system needed to embrace the modernization of the club and better reflect the athletic nature of Richland Golf. The result of this approach is a timeless identity system that represents Richlands past, present and vision for the future.


The flexible identity system features a modernized R monogram with a hidden bullet symbol. During the construction of the Richland golf course, bullet shells were found that dated back to the Battle of Nashville during the Civil War. As a nod to this historic artifact, Richland’s golf tee markers are wooden statues shaped like these bullets.


In addition to the R monogram, a crest featuring the newly renovated clubhouse and a custom-lettered “Richland” logotype were created to be used in a variety of scenarios. The custom logotype in particular was created to be used for more upscale events hosted at the country club. The tagline “1901” replaced “Country Club” in the primary logo to put a greater emphasis on the clubs legacy and tradition as a Nashville mainstay.


Richland Country Club crest on glass with amber liquid in it
Richland Country Club 1901 monogram on blue racket case
Richland Country Club main logo on coaster
Richland Country Club tee marker flag with bullet design element
Richland Country Club main logo on blue golf towel
Richland Country Club 1901 bullet on tennis ball