CBD Skincare brand,Eneles, logo with the additional marks warped around it on a gradient background

Developed by dermatologists, Eneles is a CBD-infused line of skincare created to give skin a brighter, more radiant appearance. ST8MNT helped glow-up Eneles with a complete brand refresh, crafting a distinctive identity system to match the product experience – one that felt uplifting and indulgent for the target user. Variation was included to help scale the foundational brand to an ever-changing and rapidly growing product line.


Moodboard of imagery that inspires the feeling and direction of the brand
CBD Skincare brand, Eneles, main logo in tan, yellow, and lavender on a charcoal background
Eneles rectangle badge in yellow and orange on tan background
Branded sun icons lined up in the brand colors
BN Paradox brand font showcasing all the characters
Aktiv Grotesk brand font showcasing all the characters
Oval Eneles logo badge repeated in a pattern on a gradient background
Mockups of CBD skincare tincture bottles with branded labels, sitting on various stands with yellow background
CBD skincare Lotion bottle mockup with
Branded tape on box mockup with logos and icons on blue background