Oxbow at River North

identity / environmental / naming
gold Oxbow logo on dark background with building render

Oxbow offers elevated, urban apartment living at the River North development in northeast Downtown Nashville. The name and visual identity needed to be authentic to Nashville and attractive to a more established audience of urban dwellers. The name “Oxbow” offers a refined feel and refers to a U-shaped bend in the river, much like the curve of the Cumberland where Oxbow sits. An upscale living option, Oxbow boasts a multifamily brand identity that attracts those who appreciate the finer things. The sturdy design is the perfect compliment to the apartment building’s industrial setting.


Oxbow moodboard featuring images of gold signage, concrete walls and industrial typography
Oxbow brand attributes: refined, intuitive, smart, cultured, modern
Oxbow logos featuring a vertical, horizontal, hexagon shape and Ironwood Avenue crest
brand color palette for Oxbow including charcoal, cream, gold, red, white, sage
gold apartment number 278 sign
Oxbow branded gold envelope with logo stamps
gold Oxbow logo sign on concrete background