Kresston Community

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Nestled in the small town of Magnolia, Texas, on the outskirts of Houston, you’ll find a new master-planned community named Kresston. Influenced by all things Texan, ST8MNT created a full brand system complete with brand essence, naming, identity, collateral and environmental design, marketing assets and event needs. The core values of this community can be seen in every aspect of the master-planned community brand, creating an authentic experience through and through. This Texas brand was established to be seamlessly carried through all mediums and channels, and set a deep foundation for decades of growth.

We arrived at this name in a collaborative effort with the client. The origin of the name starts with the found of Johnson Development, Larry Johnson. He was from a small town in Texas named Kress, and he embodied everything it took to be a genuine legend. He often referred to a set of standards called “The Cowboy Code of Ethics” that were rules to live by, inspired by the pioneers. Thus, Kresston was created to pay homage to this icon and his noble way of life. It also ties into the word “crest” which has many positive connotations such as the top of a mountain and peak of an experience, or a connection to the strong foundation of a family’s lineage. The tagline “Live Legendary” promotes a sense of adventure that all residents can expect to embark on when they enter this new development.


In addition the overall name of the community, ST8MNT worked collaboratively to name individual neighborhoods within. As seen in the map below, there are seven neighborhoods or “districts” that exist on the property. Each of these name reflects something that is core to the identity of Kresston. For many of these districts the location of future amenities and features such as a school, retail, etc. were taken in to consideration with the naming.

K and S, as a nod to the unique double s’s in the name, are combined to create this logo’s monogram. The look and feel is inspired by a classic cattle brand, something one could find on any authentic Texas ranch. The serifs give off the feeling of spurs, with rounded corners to provide a welcoming touch. The wordmark features a type with subtle contrast, allowing the name to look both vintage and current. All of this is paired with a script that emphasizes the tagline’s “legendary,” harkening back to the times of hand painted signs in small town America.


The color palette reflects the rich tones and colors seen across a Texas landscape. Inspired by nature this palette includes colors ranging from the clay dirt to a clear sky on a sunny day. The dark maroon creates a refined and grounded feeling, while the gold and clay bring a warmth to the palette. To compliment these colors, we’ve added cool, bright tones that relate to nature with a soft blue and green. These colors bring balance to the brand and paint a harmonious picture.


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Name Reveal Event

Once the key brand elements were established, it was time to announce it’s birth to the real world at the Kresston Name Reveal event. Essential members of the local real estate community, partners and investors gathered to celebrate the unveiling of this new master-planned community’s name and identity. ST8MNT helped by creating promotional materials in the form of invites, pens, mugs, postcards, drink stirrers, napkins, and more. In addition, we also brand consulted on the event down to the details of the table covers. Ensuring a brand is communicated remarkably and clearly across many fronts is our bread and butter jam in every way.