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Cream background with teal jubilee logo and yellow stars

Jubilee is a master planned community being developed near Houston Texas, where they’re raising the bar for how a community can better the lives of the individuals that live in it by emphasizing a more holistic approach to wellness and creating a lifestyle rooted in positivity. ST8MNT was overjoyed to develop this joyful brand from the ground up. Mindfulness and mental health are intentionally designed into the master plan, and we built a brand to reflect that and craft areas for positive experiences. This includes a brand system developed for integration with the planned public spaces for reflection, connection with neighbors, exploration, and inspiration; along with landmark signage and wayfinding. A pre-development website, social presence and email nurturing have also been designed for this stage of marketing of the master planned community.

Jubilee moodboard images and brand attributes
Teal Jubilee logo
Submark for Jubilee branding reading
Jubilee brand information showing colors and typography
Linework mockup of Jubilee landing page
Two images displaying landing page design in top of an illustrated map design
Phone linework with screenshot of social media grid, with yellow stars surrounding
Linework mockups showing the 3 email template designs

Monument Signage & Wayfinding

Rendering sketch of a signage concept for Jubilee
Rendering sketch of a signage concept for Jubilee
Rendering sketch of a fountain design for Jubilee
Radiance Jubilee monument sign design option 1
Radiance Jubilee monument sign design option 2
Radiance Jubilee monument sign design option 3
Layout of 4 different street sign designs for Jubilee
Layout of 6 different crosswalk designs for Jubilee

Jubilee Zones

Text describing Reflection zone
Reflect Full Color Icon (teal person meditating)
Connect Badge (teal person meditating reading
Reflect One Color Icon (teal person meditating)
Reflection zone teal pattern person meditating icons
Text describing Connection zone
Connect Full Color Icon (yellow and cream hands shaking)
Connect Badge (yellow and teal hand reading
Connect One Color Icon (teal hands shaking)
Connection zone teal pattern hands shaking icons
Text describing Exploration zone
Explore Full Color Icon (two tone green leaf)
Explore Badge (green leaf reading
Explore One Color Icon (teal leaf)
Exploration zone teal pattern leaf icons
Text describing Inspiration zone
Inspire Full Color Icon (yellow and orange sparkle)
Inspire Badge (yellow and orange sparkle reading
Inspire One Color Icon (teal sparkle)
Inspiration zone cream, orange, and yellow pattern with sparkle icons