Floats McGoats Game

identity / print / packaging / naming
Floats McGoats game elements that were part of package design by ST8MNT are displayed. The pieces include boards, goat pieces, dice, wood sticks, instruction sheet, and cover are scattered on a yellow background

Hootenanny Games is a Nashville publisher of physical games that break the ice, share some fun, and bring on the belly laughs. ST8MNT had a ball working on the naming, package design, game piece component design + 3d modeling of the goats for play, copywriting and crafting the story. Floats McGoats is a playful game of strategy with goats, sharks, and so much more!

Floats McGoats visual direction featuring inspiration imagery pulled that sits on a wood-style grid background

Scotch Old Style

Set sail with this nautical sea-faring direction. This concept embraces the backstory of bootlegging goats with a sense of playful adventure. This rustic and approachable direction is filled with a lot of personality. Inspired by Scotland to play on the name “McGoats,” it brings a lot of distinct and eye-catching patterns and details into play. Minimal linocut style imagery is used to provide a rustic and “discovered” feel.

Game backstory developed by ST8MNT along with package design that reads
Floats McGoats game elements that were part of package design by ST8MNT are scattered on a cream background

ST8MNT took the lead in defining key elements of gameplay. One of which was the shape and size of the goats to ensure they could stack and fit in the determined box size. We also helped establish the shape and style of the board, throwing around different options based on ranges of production cost.

Floats McGoats package design by ST8MNT displayed with board game pieces set up like gameplay. A hand holds up and displays a goat piece.
GIF of Floats McGoats dice spinning showing off the piece designed as developed by ST8MNT alongside package design
Floats McGoats board game back cover and side of box displayed as part of the package design by ST8MNT on blue background
Floats McGoats board and game pieces set up to show game play utilizing elements designed by ST8MNT in the package design process
Floats McGoats board game outside and inside cover side designs shown as part of the package design by ST8MNT on cream background



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