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The Right Sound

Do you hear that? It’s the sound of your brand. For many, visual marketing is a familiar sight. But what about building brand recognition through sound? With the rising popularity of short video content, audiences have short attention spans – and they must be hooked quickly. The point? Don’t fear making great content, but ensure the […]


No one likes reading long paragraphs. When information becomes indigestible, it often becomes overwhelming to understand, analyze, and compare vast amounts of statistics and figures. Data visualization provides an excellent way to present information. Using good design, brands can create engaging graphics that tell the story in a way that captures the attention of the […]

20 / 20 Visions

2020 is going down in the history books. It’s been a weird one. I keep thinking about how just the idea of living in the year 2020 seems so futuristic. I mean, weren’t we supposed to be traveling around space or something at this point? Obviously 2020 has been a bit different than most ever […]

Significance of Optimizing for the Modern Mobile User

Get with the times! The mobile user rules all. It is impossible to deny the influence of the smartphone technology affecting the web experience nowadays. Following this trend is not a matter of how a flat-rimmed hat looks in a mirror selfie. The Significance of Optimizing for the Modern Mobile User directly affects web site […]

iWatch Review

Apple Watches went on sale a few days ago, and the latest offering from the folks who brought us the iPhone is already sold out. I did not and will not be purchasing one, but I decided to take a moment to decide what my life would be like if I spent a day with […]

This Is Not A Page Turner

Okay, we’ve had the Internet. Let’s ask a question: Did the web level the genetic playing field, or are the peaks and the pits further away than ever? Let’s go back to the beginning of the technology ramp for a second. Perhaps there really were some Einsteins among rock men, but, hey, their world was […]

Can’t Touch This (Because You Can’t Touch It)

Yes, another reference to how Minority Report is helping shape the future of technology and society. If you’ve been in the dark for a little while, a new stage in UI/mouse/stylus/pointing at stuff is about to be set with Leap Motion: Historically it first started with the track ball, invented in 1952 by Tom Cranston, […]

Centrifuge Brain Project

The Centrifuge Brain Project fictional documentary premiered on Vimeo last January 27 based on writer, producer and director Till Nowak’s childhood fascination for the strange atmosphere of amusement parks. The video, starring Leslie Barany, is an incredibly well-written farse, highlighting what could well be called our imaginations’ greatest thrill rides. To bring these beasts to […]