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5 Tips for Landing Your Dream Internship

Are you eager to get involved in the creative workforce? Internships are a perfect way to get a taste of what your future career could look like. Not sure where to get started? Here are 5 tips to help land your dream internship from a current ST8MNT Design Intern.

It’s Hard Sometimes, But That’s Good

I haven’t been interning at ST8MNT for too long. In fact, it’s only been a couple of months and my time here is already coming to a close. I know, it makes me sad too. Still, that doesn’t mean that I’m feeling disappointed with my time here. In fact, just the opposite. I’m really happy […]

Customizing WordPress with Scheduler Plugins

As part of the work that ST8MNT is doing to boost enrollment for client Nossi College of Art, we created a number of landing pages (and main-site pages) intended to drive potential students to schedule site tours. The campus is beautiful, the instructors are friendly, the admission staff is persuasive — we know that if […]

Stay Gold Ponyboy

This past weekend the ST8MNT crew attended AIGA Nashville‘s Case Awards, and Think Tank conference. We had an awesome time, and really feel like the conference was just the creative inspiration we were looking for! We racked up some really great awards from the Nashville design community friday night during the Case Awards event, and […]

Bottoms Up Ladies & Gents!

BNA Wine Group contacted us to create an identity that would capture the Nashville soul behind the company. So we did a little research. A couple of Fridays ago we took the afternoon to sample their collection of wines. Here’s a list of our favorites from the Friday Wine-Down: Bethany – The Rule, Josh N. – Bandwagon […]

New Branding for AM@FM, Arnold Myint

Introducing Arnold Myint’s newest quick-eatery, AM@FM, Arnold Myint at the Farmer’s Market! ST8MNT’s work is on display here with the creation of menus, a new logo to extend Arnold’s personal branding, display banners, and food photography by Josh Newman. Shout-outs given to ST8MNT designers Greg Frank and Alyssa Rachels. We worked hard to ensure AM@FM […]


We just uploaded our tornado shirt to facebook. Help us generate money to help the South recover from the tornados that tore through earlier this season. Check it out here, and tell all your friends! Oh and be sure to click the like button on my shirt helps. My Shirt Helps facebook page Shirts will […]

What’s Cookin’ Ben Franklin?

Recently our friends at Nat Geo gave us the opportunity to create a 40 page cookbook for their annual Expedition Week. It was an intense 2 week process from start to finish. End result, an awesome design piece with some tasty delights! Take a look. Recipes vary from “Eating With Cannibibals” Finger Foods Appetizer to “Ben Franklin’s Pirate Fleet” […]


St8mnt 2010 DEMO from st8mnt on Vimeo. So since we haven’t posted to the blog in over a month we thought we’d treat you guys with a little somethin’ somthin’ for the middle of the week! We posted a spankin new demo reel on our website. It includes work from the 2010 CMT Music Awards, […]

Clear and ready for take off!

It’s hard to believe that we branded Runway Pilot nearly 2 months ago, but we’ve had a busy summer at ST8MNT, so I guess time flies, literally. Runway Pilot is a new clothing company marketed towards pilots, and aviation aficionados. They launched their brand new webstore today, and it’s full of shirts, jackets, and hats […]