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You Got Some Splainin To See

Since about 2006, the motion graphics scene has seen an anachronism in emperor’s clothes: The Explainer Video. What began as rock drawing pictographs on paleo cave walls has become the bread and butter of any young motion designer. It seems everyone has been trying to corral the genre giving names such as: Animated Business Card […]


We here at ST8MNT would like to give a shout-out to our in-house motion graphics virtuoso and resident hoarder of mixed nuts, Alan Knox, for successfully getting hitched this past weekend. Here’s wishing him and the missus all the best – good luck, you crazy kids! Though, if he’s as good at marriage as he […]

Centrifuge Brain Project

The Centrifuge Brain Project fictional documentary premiered on Vimeo last January 27 based on writer, producer and director Till Nowak’s childhood fascination for the strange atmosphere of amusement parks. The video, starring Leslie Barany, is an incredibly well-written farse, highlighting what could well be called our imaginations’ greatest thrill rides. To bring these beasts to […]

I Pull Trilla(s)

One of the best things about looking at movies and their trailers is how they stylize the studio logos. Whoever started the trend needs to speak up and take all of the credit. Of today’s twenty or so majors, Warner Brothers seems to be the most lenient in allowing motion designers to accentuate the WB […]

RANDA Tower: Animation Design Behind the Scenes

We’ve cranked out another RANDA video, this time for their teacher observation product, Tower™. We stuck with the tesselated / triangulated / tangrammed / origami / low-poly style that is consistent with the brand, but decided to flex more of our 3D-ceps. Just like the imagery, we disseminated the message down to its most primitive, […]

Sendgine: Behind the Scenes

Congratulations! You are the 47,221,835th visitor to this blog! Claim your Sendgine “Train of Thought” behind the scenes video reward now by clicking the play button on the video below. We’re pulling back the curtain on ST8MNT’s magical process… And for all you serious project viewers, see the final real deal project in our portfolio […]

Nosferatu, Honest Abe and Illegible Intertitles

In lieu of last week’s release of one of this summer’s most ridiculous blockbusters, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, here at St8mnt we thought it best to reminisce over the original silver screen vampire, Nosferatu, German director F.W. Murnau’s seminal foray into horror. Released in 1922, Murnau’s masterpiece proved foundational to vampire films, and to this […]

Unfolding Geometry in C4D

The motion nanophyscientists @ST8MNT have been hard at work. Our latest animation for Randa we’re working on has that geometric, faceted triangulated look that all you kids are familiar with but are all you kids familiar with how to make it move? Naturally, we started experimenting with primitives and editable objects first, and then moved […]

SuperBrothersinc Sword & Sworcery EP

We’re all IPhone & IPad App fiends over here at ST8MNT. You can find us on twitter, instagram, touching clouds in Tiny Wings, or just Hanging with Friends! We thought you guys should see this awesome game that Superbrothersinc released earlier this year called Sword and Sworcery ep. The game animation is just beautiful, and […]