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Centrifuge Brain Project

The Centrifuge Brain Project fictional documentary premiered on Vimeo last January 27 based on writer, producer and director Till Nowak’s childhood fascination for the strange atmosphere of amusement parks. The video, starring Leslie Barany, is an incredibly well-written farse, highlighting what could well be called our imaginations’ greatest thrill rides. To bring these beasts to […]

John Connor Run!

Ferrofluid defined is a fluid containing particles subject to magnetic suspension. This material is used to seal harddrives, as a contrast agent for magnetic imaging in medicine, and apparently to create the terminator army. Artist Sachiko Kodama has gone to great lengths to further demonstrate this material’s ability to be manipulated by using it as […]

Haters ‘Gon Hate (on Great Homeland Designs)

I stumbled across these Blue Note Jazz album-style covers for HBO’s hit drama HOMELAND. Ty Mattson released his self-initiated cover project on December 17th 2012, the day after the MIND-BLOWING (wink-wink) season two finale. Nice timing, Ty. At least 2 of ST8MNT’s 9 employees are blood-shot eyes, stay up for 9 days straight, don’t eat, hooked […]